GRA Maven

Identity and website

Following the creation of the GRA Quantum identity, Global Risk Advisors hired Pig Iron to create an identity for another branch of their company, GRA Maven. The two brands needed to relate to each other and to the Global Risk Advisors parent brand, but they also had to be wholly different. The three points of the GRA Maven logo are a military special operations reference to land, water, and air. The inset triangles build upon each other, which speaks to the training methodology found in the GRA Maven course program. The GRA Maven logo is the boldest and strongest of the three brands, paired with brand colors that are more muted. The palette has a subtle patriotic feel to it, with neutral tones that support the powerful imagery of the GRA Maven courses. We strove for balance and harmony not only within the GRA Maven brand itself, but among all three brands.

The GRA Maven website has a wholly different feel from those of its sister brands, yet still speaks a similar language. Built on a custom WordPress framework and optimized for viewing across multiple devices, the website places GRA Maven’s course offerings in the spotlight with clear, simple navigation. Leveraging the awesome visuals was paramount throughout the GRA Maven brand, so the design has a deliberate supportive feel—thoughtfully pairing content with imagery and reducing distracting elements. Each course has a supplementary downloadable asset that contains additional information. The site also features a password-protected gate for sensitive content.