GRA Quantum

Identity and website

Global Risk Advisors hired Pig Iron to create a fresh new identity and website for their cybersecurity branch, GRA Quantum. We designed a winding optical illusion logomark that combines three hexagonal shapes into one.* We paired this with Effra, a clean, legible sans-serif typeface. We chose a bright blue and yellow for the color palette to signify trustworthiness and clarity, along with a more muted navy blue and brown. The result is a simple, clean brand that is flexible enough for a variety of use cases, but is clear enough to stand out.

Built from the ground up using a custom WordPress framework, the GRA Quantum website promotes and supports each of GRA Quantum’s five key services while also connecting them to the company’s vertical markets. In addition, the company’s real-world, people-first perspective shines through with the help of case studies and downloadable assets. With a mobile-first attitude in mind, we were able to develop a website with clear navigation and rich visuals. The site is responsive and optimized for viewing across multiple devices.

*This relates to the concept of quantum computing, specifically quantum superposition, where quantum states can be represented as the sum of other distinct quantum states.