Hellbender Brewing Co.

Identity, packaging

Featured on The Dieline and Packaging of the World.

Hellbender Brewing Co. hired Pig Iron to design packaging for their 16oz canned beer. As a family, the products had to relate to each other while also standing out individually on shelves.

We began with an identity refresh for the brand, incorporating a new, more iconic Hellbender salamander. The new logo uses a more legible redraw of the previous Hellbender logo text, to signify an evolution of the brand versus a complete overhaul. The hand-drawn style favored by Hellbender Brewing is also represented in the rough edges of the logo badge and the three stars which represent the Washington, D.C. flag. Overall, the redesign represents a more legible and recognizable direction for the Hellbender brand. We also solidified a brand palette, which incorporates shades of gray and two-toned versions of a few bolder colors.

The design for the Hellbender cans features a two-sided approach for maximum brand exposure both on shelves and in hand. Each beer variety was treated as its own brand within the Hellbender family. As such, each has its own simple yet distinct logo and color scheme. Certain brand unifying elements like the Hellbender illustration and the full Hellbender logomark unify the suite. The meandering creek and mountain range featured on each can is a subtle nod to the Hellbender salamander’s natural habitat. Hellbender Brewing Co’s mission statement is also featured on each can to call attention to the need to preserve these endangered animals. We also leveraged the substrate itself, a plastic sleeve over an aluminum can, by using transparency and knocked-out elements to create interesting metallic highlights where the can itself shows through.

Our ongoing vision for the Hellbender brand is one of carefree adventure. The beer packaging, a recyclable and easily transportable 16oz can, lends itself easily to a camping or hiking lifestyle. The natural elements of the creek and mountain range speak to this adventurous, outdoorsy feeling, as well. The latitude and longitude coordinates of the brewery also appear on the cans, as a nod to geotagging or orienteering.